Software Engineer | IT Consultant | Owner of AppRacks | CEO of Dimik Lab

Date of birth:December 12, 1992
Address:Dhaka, Bangladesh

want to develop my career in an organization with challenges and opportunities to face those challenges successfully with the application of my academic knowledge of my area of specialization and the skills and expertise grown during past time.


People find me to be an upbeat, dedicated, self-motivated, team player with excellent communication skills. I have worked in lead position in the different technology industry over the past 4 years as Software Developer, Project Manager, Planning Manager and Business Development Manager. My Skills include Business development, analytical thinking and creative problem solving. Able to apply customer service concepts to IT to improve user experience for clients, employees and administration. I always believe on observation, insight and action based planning & implementations.



03.2018 - present

1. Piickme Limited

Project Director

Duties/Responsibilities :

Piickme Limited is a ride sharing company. I was promoted as Project Director from Project manager here. My responsibility is to Manage Overall Company activities. Leading all the departments (IT Dept., marketing digital and field, MIS Dept., HR Dept. and others). Do research on the current market as well as competitor’s analysis, Business Development, Business Development planning, Data analysis, Customer engagement, Customer Relation management, Public relations management and so on.

01.2016 - present

2. BCC- Bangladesh Computer Council

Course Teacher - Per-time.

Bangladesh Computer Council is reputed organization under ICT Ministry of Bangladesh. My Responsibilities is to Develop Course Materials, Conducting several course – PGD (System Analysis and Design), Web Development, Graphics design and Animation, Freelancing. System Analysis and design Course is most special for me I have Conduct 3 PGD batch till now where my subject was System Analysis and design, every course was for 36 hours.

08.2017 - 02.2018

3. Piickme Limited

Project Manager - IT Department

Duties/Responsibilities :

My Responsibilities was to manage full Software Development team, Successful initiation, Project planning, Requirement analysis, Software architecture design, Development Strategy, Database design, QA, logic develop and implement for prevent fraudental activities, UI and UX design, Developer recruitment and so on.

04.2016 - 07.2017

4. Dimik Lab

Project Manager

Duties/Responsibilities :

Dimik Lab is Software Development Company. My Responsibilities was there to develop business Plan, Customer Relation management, Project Management, Digital Marketing and so on.

05.2015 - 03.2016

5. LumexTech Solutions Ltd.

Business Development Manager - IT

Duties/Responsibilities :

Lumex Tech is a technology based company. My Responsibilities was to make Plan for business Development, Plan Execution, Competitor Analysis, strategy development, Maintain relation with customer, Customer retention and so on.


1. Masters in Information Technology

Jahangirnagar University

2. BSc in Software Engineering

Daffodil International University